One of my friends Rain Ashford is a talented futurist in wearable technology
“She is very interested in sensing technologies and particularly how these can be applied to the body to capture and visualise physiological states, particularly in social situations. Her work is a blend of hardware, code and artwork, which pokes mischievously at body language, the performativity of social interaction and the body’s connection with environments.”

She has been experimenting with a new dress and showed it at The 19th International Symposium on Wearable Computers in Tokyo, Japan.
“EEG controlled fibre optic dress – getting ready for ISWC Japan! V.1 of the ThinkerBelle EEG Amplifying Dress is an emotive wearable. It responds to EEG signals from a NeuroSky MindWave EEG headset to amplify data on fibre optic filament. The dress illuminates when it receives data from the headset – attention data = red light and meditation data = green light. The dress is designed for wear in evening social occasions.”
Rain is also a champion of women in tech and is ‘Women in Computing’ mentor at Goldsmiths College.

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26th January 2016