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Sussex Modernism: Retreat and Rebellion

This exhibition examines why radical artists and writers were drawn to the rolling hills, seaside resorts, and quaint villages of Sussex in the first half of the 20th century and how, in the communities they created, artistic innovation ran hand in-hand with political, sexual and domestic experimentation. To complement the exhibition a soundscape has been created by […]

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battle of orgreave

Pop Up Cinema

The films being screened all harness the added power that emerges when whole communities or those directly involved in the events are participants in the re-enactment. In the conflicts and atrocities depicted – spanning more than 200 years of history – what also emerges are the economic and class issues behind the violence and how […]

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Allison Schulnik Animation

Allison Schulnik 2014 (8:30min) Traditional clay-mation and stop-motion animated film. Bits of paper, paint and clay bring a real pathos to both her paintings and animations. I feel somehow melancholic and concerned for the blobby creatures, her work has tapped into my hidden feelings. This one is ‘Mound’

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