Sunday In The Park With Ed

23rd March 2015 by in Journal

Images – Saskia Edens and P A Black © 2015 all rights reserved

My Lovely friend, Pascal is curating this.. He is Swiss/ French artist working in collaboration with a wide range of artists, using art history as a kicking off point for new work @DisplayGallery

An exhibition curated by Cedric Cristie and Pascal Rousson,

Artists have been invited to look at what is transgressive in their work. Rousson highlights
“Our idea was to have a ‘salon des indépendants’, as it used to be called, just between artists, to open a discussion through the works and artist talks to ask if something remotely close to the avant garde still existed. It was obvious for us to choose Le Déjeuner as a starting point. it’s hard to understand how revolutionary and heretically scandalous it was when it now seems quite harmless. We’re attempting to ask each artist if they think it’s possible to still achieve something equivalent.”

Exhibition closes March 28th at
Display Gallery
6 Holborn Viaduct