At the Sallis Bonney Theatre, the University of Brighton
Until April 9th

Small exhibition of this amazing graphic designer, showing work from his time at Penguin books re-designing the covers for the crime genres and other major design areas like the magazine covers of¬† ‘The Observer’ paper.
Marbers simple use of black and green for Penguin crime books looks so simple but the result is clever and witty, he uses white and spots of colour for dramatic effect creating space as negative/positive shapes, I think they look so fresh when compared to the current retro twee trends.
He also developed his own grid system for crime layout at Penguin, see below.

Other gems to look out for is the artwork for the banned film ‘War Games’, which I first watched at a CND rally many moons ago and had nightmares after.

See also the Creative Review article about him.

romek marber

romek marber

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24th March 2014