Come and See

Irreverence and dark humour.

“Come and See will demonstrate the range of the artists’ output – from painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, to film, music and literature – exploring their provocative and deliberately confrontational work, which approaches controversial subjects with irreverence and dark humour.”

Packed in to a tiny gallery in Hyde park near the Serpentine the exhibition manages to cram in a lot of the brothers work, sculptures, film, paintings and installation.

Some of the paintings with decaying faces I found the most interesting as the wow factor usually goes to the models of rampaging Nazi’s (Hell landscapes) and Ronald McDonald on a cross, I like that they are still very playful and obviously enjoy poking fun at taboo subjects.
As you walk around the exhibtion, Klu Klux Klan life size models wearing Jesus sandals and rainbow striped socks follow you around with scary life like eyes.. brr

chapman brothers

chapman brothers