HOUSE 2014: Migration, Refuge and Territory
Invited Artist: Yinka Shonibare MBE

‘Yinka Shonibare MBE’s new sculptural installation The British Library explores the impact of immigration on all aspects of British culture and considers notions of territory and place, cultural identity, displacement and refuge.

Selected artists Leah Gordon, Phillip Hall-Patch, Ester Svensson & Rosanna Martin and Tobias Revell make a point of connection with Shonibare’s new work, in a compelling series of four new curated commissions across the city.’

I have been working on this installation in the old Brighton reference library – it will be amazing! so many books… loads of volunteers came in and covered the books with waxed cloth fueled by tea and biscuits.

The exhibition starts May 3rd and has other locations and artists around the town.. I am looking forward to the talks as well
Details here:

leah gordon

Leah Gordon

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28th April 2014