Italian artist Giuseppe Penone presents Spazio di Luce, a twelve metre bronze cast of a tree, with a radiant gold-leaf interior specially conceived for the Whitechapel Gallery.

“His new work inspires a programme of talks, workshops, films and performances, exploring critical encounters between art, nature, and the city. Conceived around the structure of a tree – from roots to base, trunk to branch, it invites artists, activists, architects, philosophers and scientists to engage in four seasons of discussions and actions.”

This was amazing to look down the trunk of a tree.. his work looks at man’s relation to nature.

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Giuseppe Penone


Giuseppe Penone

“trees have been a focal point for penone throughout his career. many of his earliest work — that survive now only as photographs — took place in the forests near turin or his home town of garessio in italy. the images expose the intimate relationship penone maintains with nature, and how closely he works with bark and branches as a medium.”

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20th September 2013