“A journey through the inspirational photographic history of this Brighton institution.”
Brighton-based photographic gallery First Light celebrates its thirty year history with an exhibition at the University of Brighton Gallery in July and August. It will include the work of international, iconic photographers including Thurston Hopkins, Grace Robertson and Walker Evans, Nicholas Sinclair, and Christopher Joyce.”

I love Grace Robertson with her exuberant look at life, this playful picture below shows a ladies day out and some rather large bloomers, I can remember my Yorkshire granny wearing some like these, another picture has •’Porridge’ a tough old moggy prison cat, but my favorite picture is of some people looking at a street artist, which has three well groomed school girls standing next to two grubby street urchins in hand me downs along with a Kenneth Moore look alike, a true snapshot of post war Britain.

Walker Evans pictures of the American depression in the south are very striking they resonate with parallel images of Detriot and the abandoned communities of today.

•For non UK people – Porridge is slang for doing time in Prison.

grace robertson

Walker Evans

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21st July 2014