Progress Bar
Lighthouse –

“From vanguard filmmakers and musicians to trending artists and activists, the Progress Bar is an ear-to-the-ground evening to discover new art, hear new music, and make new friends.”

This is the second Progress bar – a monthly talk/get together at Lighthouse

This month was music based about people who produce and direct their own careers out side of the conventional norms.
Elijah talked about his East London scene of music where they fund what they do with large events and party nights.
He is co-founder of influential grime label Butterz – He talked about the funding problems of making your own scene and how to use free sharing culture to create events.

Followed by a talk by Gazelle Twin (Elizabeth Bernholz) who uses short films and unusual performance to promote what she does. She talked about the demonisation of younger people by the media and her own teenage years – as she uses a persona of a teenager in a hoodie as her stage presence. A slide show of influences followed: like ‘The Brood’ , ‘Don’t Look Know’, weird meat, extreme tans and shoplifters.
Gazelle Twin finished off the evening with a set from their release UNFLESH – this was ‘The Quietus’ album of the year in 2014.

A good night of very receptive people, It was interesting to see what Lighthouse actually does –
I will definitely go again.

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5th April 2015