Big Steam Print

29th April 2016 by in Journal
Big Steam print ditchling

A great day out at Ditchling Museum with the 

The museum was host to the Big Steam Print and featured many artists work in both wood, type and linocuts.
The engine fires up and toots a whistle then it majestically rolls along over the artwork, which is protected by a rubber carpet thing. The crowd then gets the magic of the reveal as a beautiful print emerges from pristine white paper to many oohs and ahhs.

Some of the artists listed: Anthony Burrill, Pat Randell, Thomas Mayo, Edward Tuckwell, Rob Ryan, Typoretum, Ben Coode-Adams, Freddie Robins, Angie Lewin, Print Wagon – Aidan, Jo Sweeting, Jeremy Radvan and Caroline Dunning.

In the main pic at the top Helen Oishi with her lovely Palm tree print.

Here are some more pics…





Visit Ditchling Museum – it features the work of Eric Gill, Edward Johnston (London Underground Type) and Edith Mairet (Vegetable dyes and weaving) to name but a few. They have a nice tearoom and shop with type related items.

News Update the is on. Support the Big Steam Print