I have been meaning to write this up for ages as it was so good.
BIF – Brighton Illustration Fair – Showcasing the medium across a plethora of forms from comics, prints, small press, zines, t-shirts, animation, Iive art + more. We’ll also be pulling together a selected array of screening + talks.
It was at the lovely One Church a new venue space for community events.
Over two days Illustrators got to sell and showcase their work across all mediums, as you walked in you could see stalls and posters plus a large drawing area on the stage.. down stairs, talks and show and tell from collectives and artists.

It was a very welcoming event and would be a great starting point to get inspiration about how to self publish or join a collective. I spent all my money and some friends are going to be getting some super presents this year.

BIF hopes to be a regular yearly event and I hope so too. I only went on the Saturday but I am sure both days were excellent.

Some of the many talented people you can check out here:
Brighton illustration fair


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29th June 2015