7th December 2014 by in Journal

“CINECITY and artist/production designer Anna Deamer present a film set installation for an imaginary screen version of BERG. The immersive, cinematic environment is complemented by sound design from renowned musician and composer Barry Adamson.”

‘A man called Berg, who changed his name to Greb, came to a seaside town intending to kill his father …’
Ann Quin

Imagined set design of the novel ‘Berg’ By Ann Quin who lived and wrote about Brighton’s seedy bedsit life.
The two sets are the start and ending of the book with a sickly purple room that is incredibly creepy.
The same designer created a version of a set for Hangover Square in 2012.
It’s great that they used students to make and dress the set, I met a boy who was very proud of the wallpaper he had hung.


hangover square