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7th October 2014 by in Journal
Amore E Piombo

The Photography of Extremes in 1970′s Italy

“Made by a group of photographers working for the Rome-based agency Team Editorial Services, initiating viewers into the tumultuous era of 1970s Italy.  It combines stills photography, television news footage, film sequences and sound recordings, combined with a choice of Italian photo-books of the period loaned from the Martin Parr collection.”

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These amazingly evocative photos capture the era – It features the shocking kidnap and murder of Prime Minister Aldo Moro by the Brigate Rosse (Red Brigade) and documents many of the political changes that happened in Italy.
On the love side of things we see a lot of fur coated films stars and celebs of the day, like Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Peter O’Toole.

One item that caught my eye was – ‘Un album di violenza’ by Stephanie Oursler – documenting violent women’s deaths over a period of time in 1976. A startling book with parallels in today’s society and media.

Amore E Piombo