• Mon Cheri In A Beret

    Mon Cheri In A Beret – saucy French cat.
    Giclee print on A4 Somerset Velvet paper (uk) which has a textured surface.
    Fine Art Print made to High archival standards with water based inks.

    £16 + 3.60 Post and packaging

    Allow 3 working days for order
    *Colours may vary on different monitors

    Made in Brighton, UK.
    © 2016 Mimi Butler

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  • Fort Process at Newhaven


    Fort Process is an expansive multi-disciplinary music and arts festival held in the evocative spaces of Newhaven Fort in East Sussex.
    Performances and installations take place deep in resonant tunnels and exposed ramparts overlooking the English Channel.

    fort process
    Having been to the first one 2 years ago this felt bigger with more international acts, the old fort is an imposing building with many deep tunnels and gun outposts – Built in 1860, it was a military facility during WW2. The many nooks and tunnels provide unusual acoustics and lighting making a unique backdrop to the acts and installations.

    We mustered our friends to the sound of Skatgobs and went to watch Ichi a Japanese performer, he plays unusual instruments whilst walking around the room on stilts! Next up was ‘Laboratoro’, Ed Briggs and the performer and writer Xelís de Toro. It started with chairs and chains being thrown around with abandon leading us along up the fort, experimenting with sound, texts and movement.
    A brief sit down to a talk by David Bramwell on ‘Ghost villages and Abandoned settlements’, which went in to the crazy Principality of Sealand, drowned churches and memories of lost villages real and imagined. The we went back to the magazine tunnel where we heard Sarah Angliss and Laura Cannell play with the acoustics using recorders recreating a echo fantasy.
    Time then for a delve into the tunnel with 71 steps and very steep steps too! to see Kemper Norton, who mixes modern tech with folk tales of Lyonesse and rough music to chase away wrong doers. This is when I lost everybody due to the steep climb and only caught up after a quick peek at Mariska de Groot and a set by Pierre Bastien, who uses trumpet, cogs and tapes to make loops into hypnotic beats.
    By this time I as feeling a little worn out and we headed home just as the Newhaven/Dieppe ferry came in lights blazing.. sleepy time zzz

    This only a snapshot of what went on as we spent time looking at the Oram machine, hanging out at the excellent Bartlebys bar and randomly moving about the fort to see kinetic sculptures and music. Plenty to see and do all day, the only let down was no food after 5pm, just when you get hungry.

    ichi and kemper norton

    ICHI ‘Go Gagambo’


    Oram Machine


    David Bramwell book – The Haunted Moustache

    Main top fort photo by Agata Urbaniak

    More great photos by Agata here www.flickr.com

    and  https://vimeo.com/ some video selections by Agata

    Laboratoro from Agata Urbaniak on Vimeo.

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  • Willem Sandberg

    De La Warr Pavilion
    Bexhill on Sea

    On until – 4 September 2016


    De La Warr Pavilion is proud to present Willem Sandberg: from type to image, the first UK survey of an internationally renowned icon of graphic design. Sandberg was director of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam from 1945 to 1963 where he championed new artists, developed one of the most important collections of modern art in Europe and implemented radical transformations of the Museum’s environment. He designed hundreds of posters, catalogues and cards for the Museum’’s exhibitions, as well as stationery and other publicity materials.

    As World War II began, Sandberg secreted the Stedelijk Museum’’s collection in a vault inside dunes located close to the sea. He was actively involved in the Dutch resistance movement, designing forged identity cards and planning an attack with other artists on the Central Civil Registry Office that held records of the city’’s Jewish residents. Though the attack was partly successful, almost all of Sandberg’’s co-conspirators were betrayed and executed. He escaped and went into hiding where he began the Experimenta Typografica, handmade booklets in which he collected inspirational quotes in diverse typographic styles, which laid the foundation for his future design work.

    Willem Sanbergs work and life is fascinating, he seemed to be a ball of energy never wasting a moment, he sadly lost friends close to him in WW2 but managed to pay homage to them in a specially designed book made form scraps when he was in hiding. His strong use of colour and shape created a unique style in it’s simplicity and clarity. He has influenced many designers, catch this show if you can as it has a good display of magazine layouts and a film.

    Willem Sandberg

    dlwp exhibitions
    I really loved the work he did for the Israel Museum with bold geometric shapes softened by rough edges, they suggest ancient artifacts.

    Willen Sandberg




    In Dutch

    In French but good typographical examples

    English subtitles

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  • Contrapop Ramsgate


    On Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August 2016, Extra Normal Records presents the second annual Contra Pop Festival, a two-day event encompassing live performances from some of the foremost artists working at the intersection between popular music and the avant-garde. This diverse congregation of musicians epitomises a vibrant European scene far from the clutches of the corporate opportunists who threaten to homogenise pop culture.

    Contra Pop 2016 will boast a purpose-built stage and sound system located on the sandy beach of the historic town of Ramsgate in Kent.


    Yay! day trip in the van to Contrapop – a fantastic bijou festival on the sandy beaches of Ramsgate (a novelty for Brightonians as we have pebbles).
    After looking around the town and harbour, sampling chips and beers we saw a brilliant set by Silver Apples, amazing energy and beats and Adrian Sherwood feat. Ghetto Priest MC,  the tent was grooving by then, with the local ales going down very well.
    We got back to B’ton about 1am but it was well worth it.

    Thank you Extra Normal Records

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  • Fashion Cities Africa

    Fashion Cities Africa
    Brighton Museum
    Ends 8th January 2017

    “Developed with African fashion specialists Hannah Azieb Pool and Helen Jennings, this exhibition features some of the most exciting names and labels in contemporary African fashion. It provides a snapshot of fashion practices in these cities and an introduction to some of the stories behind the style, from the use of social media to create new platforms for fashion to the impact of the huge market for imported second-hand clothes.”

    This show features the up and coming African Fashion designers and also the scene in general, It combines traditional textiles, materials with street fashion and sculptural forms.
    The cities Featured are – Casablanca in Morocco, Lagos in Nigeria, Nairobi in Kenya and Johannesburg in South Africa.
    There is a fun dressing up area for young people and books to reference too.

    Check out these blogs for reviews: www.afrotype.com


    fashion city

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  • Bull Head Print

    Bull – Limited edition of 1/20

    Giclee print on A3 Somerset Velvet paper

    Fine Art Print made to High archival standards with water based inks.

    £60 + 3.60 Post and packaging

    Allow 3 working days for order
    *Colours may vary on different monitors

    Made in Brighton, UK.
    © 2016 Mimi Butler

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