Hello my name is Mimi Butler Illustrator and art lover, I also have a Journal of things I like.

I am available for Book design, Editorial projects, Illustration, Websites and that sort of thing..

On my original illustrations all rights are reserved.
You can not reproduce or copy the images for any purpose.
Nope, I don’t work for exposure as I have bills to pay and fur friends to feed.

You can purchase some prints at:
Worthing Art Gallery & Art Museum

Some examples more to follow..

Bitter Tears by Mimi Butler
Selfies by Mimi Butler
Fried eggs by Mimi Butler
mimi butler migration
Dive Into This? Michelle Butler
dive into this Michelle butler
Siamese Cats Mimi.B
dead corals mimi butler
Im yummy eat me Mimi Butler
The Cats House Mimi.B
Bull by Mimi Butler
Think before you flush mimi butler eco marine poster
Feline the love mimi.b
Bon voyage mimi butler